Why outsource?

There is an increasing demand for radiologists in a populated country like India where patient waiting for diagnosis is on the rise. Makrads International understands this severity and is endeavored to augment the patient level care by providing adept radiology services to the diagnostic centres at a very reasonable cost, as cost savings is the primary reason that belittles many diagnostic centres towards radiology services.

Being equipped with all the high-end softwares and expert radiologists to assist your centre can lessen the workload pressure and hence can result in effective cost savings while ensuring timeliness and assurance of reporting.


To reduce cost by paying for
Value Added Service only

To have time to focus on
Core Activities and Patient Care

To increase Reliability
Effectiveness of Reports

To get Access to Multiple Resources
anytime from any place in the world

To increase Dependability on
Timeliness of Reporting
Makrads International is rendering its services across all over India and other countries, as we understand the severe shortage of radiologists is a severe issue that can only be resolved by acquiring adept radiology services.

Why outsource to MakRads International?

Makrads International has successfully excelled its clientele base by rendering high-end radiology services to the diagnostic centers at competitive prices that resulted in astounding performance and cost savings.

At Makrads International, we have solutions to all outsourcing needs of radiology services under one roof. Our highly qualified and experienced team of radiologists are on board with us to assist your center’s every query. Being housed with world’s best quality image transfer technology by Mediff we ensure best results and effective reporting. Given below are some assertions that you should consider for outsourcing radiology services in your diagnostic centre:-


Streamlined Solutions & Services

  • We have solutions to all outsourcing needs of Radiology Services under one roof, our services include TeleRadiology, Managed Services and MIS NABH Accreditation preparatory services.
  • Highly qualified and experienced team of Radiologists are on Board with us.
  • There is a strong management team with vast experience in ITES, Radiology and other Medical fields in place.
  • World’s best technology by Mediff is being used to ensure high quality image transfer for best results and effective reporting.

Value for money & high Quality focus

  • High quality Focus with Six Sigma culture in its DNA and quality controls in place to ensure highly accurate reports being served to end users.
  • Customised Service level agreements on TAT, to meet user requirements.
  • With us you will soon have realization of value for your money.
  • Our TeleRadiology pricing is very competitive and we by default offer volume based discounts.

Customized solutions and reliability of service

  • Flexibility and responsiveness to your individual needs.
  • Strong client credentials and references.
  • Lead by highly credible and experienced team of Medical & Management professionals.
  • We partner with you to enable your diagnostic imaging centre to grow.
With Makrads International services, you will soon have realization of value for your money.

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